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  In economic times like these, it is important that your Oil & Gas wells produce all they are physically capable of producing without any unnecessary Railroad Commission restrictions. Often, Texas Regulatory problems can be totally avoided, or at the very least, minimized. If your company encounters any regulatory problems, or has any questions concerning Railroad Commission Rules or Policies, Towns & Hagemann, Inc. is here to assist you.

  Steve Towns, former Director of the Gas Proration Department at the Texas Railroad Commission, has over 44 years experience working with the Railroad Commission. Barry Hagemann has over 31 years of experience as an Oil & Gas Regulatory Consultant.

  Do you have Railroad Commission problems? Our services range from resolving a shut-in letter problem on your best well, or simply needing an expedited drilling permit. Towns & Hagemann, Inc.is a full service company which can efficiently handle the most complex Oil & Gas Problems on a cost-effective basis. If we can assist you with any of the following services, please give us a call.
Consulting Services 
  • Assistance with Texas Railroad Commission Rules, Regulations and Policies 
  • Monitor & Maximize Monthly RRC Allowables 
  • Monthly filings of RRC Reports and Forms 
  • Disposal (W-14) & Injection (H-1) Applications 
  • Railroad Commission Hearings 
  • RRC Allowable Recalculations & Projections 
Specialized Services  
  • Commercial Saltwater Disposal Applications
  • Commercial Recycling and Pit Permits
  • Expert Testimony (Railroad Commission, State and Federal Court) 
  • "Ratable Take" and/or "Take or Pay" Studies 
  • Oil & Gas Seminars 
  • P-5 Organization Agent of Record  and Renewals
  • TCEQ Class 1 Disposal Applications
Walk-Thru & Expedited Services 
  • RRC Drilling Permits (W-1) 
  • GAU Surface Casing Recommendations 
  • Oil & Gas Applications 
  • P-5 Organization Filing
Research & Reproduction 
Research of the following Texas Regulatory Agencies...
Commercial Disposal Permits for Sale
     Gonzales County
          Jarmon #1

Updated: 07/19/2016